National Avian Disease Task Force For Pigeons and Doves


" The Canadian Pigeon Fanciers Association agrees with all aspects of this statement, and are presenting it here for the sake of educating anyone who may not be aware of this fact about our hobby."


" The Association of Pigeon Veterinarians, after careful review of the documentation of the Avian Disease Research Committee of the American Pigeon Fanciers` Council, and the implemented studies of the National Avian Disease Task Force for Pigeons and Doves, and consideration of the data from the United States Communicable Disease Centre ( CDC ) , we do affirm and testify that to our knowledge, the raising, keeping and the exercising of pigeons and doves represents no more of a health hazard than the keeping of other communal or domestic pets."

Passed as a unanimous resolution of the Association of Pigeon Veterinarians at the second annual Avian

Veterinary Symposium of the National Avian Disease Task Force for Pigeons and Doves.

David Marx, DVM President Norman, Oklahoma
John Esposito, DVM Vice President El Paso, Texas

Roger Harlin, DVM Secretary Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Kathy Fryar, DVM Treasurer Willis, Texas

Everett Bryant, DVM Recording Secretary Storrs, Connecticut 


Pigeons and Public Health -The TRUE  Facts 
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