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This page is one of our newest - meant to provide visitors and CPFA members alike with links and information that relate to pigeons and the hobby in a general "Basic" way.  The relationship between mankind and the pigeon goes back thousands of years, with the pigeon believed to be the first animal every domesticated.  Just like our ancestors - many of today's most dedicated fanciers owe their fascination with pigeons and involvement in our hobby to an early experience with the "feral" or "wild-type" common street pigeons. 

A book title: The Fascinating Saga of the World's Most Revered and Reviled Bird  by author Andrew D. Blechman pretty much sums up the world view of our beloved feathered friends.  It has been written, "there are two kinds of people in the world - those that love pigeons and those that don't".   Although there are many different ways the pigeon has served man - none are more valued today than a daily dose of simple pleasure that these birds afford a true fancier.  Most appropriately labeled "Living Flowers" by famed British fancier Robert Fulton .  From its humble beginnings - the relationship between man and pigeon has produced hundreds of breeds and endless varieties.  Even now, in the 21st Century, these symbols of peace have an amazing ability to instill peace of mind in those who appreciate their basic nature and cultivated beauty. 

A great source of information that will interest both the novice and seasoned fancier,


 The CPFA presents "Pigeons in Canada" 
                Now available on DVD ! 

Intended to serve as an introduction to the hobby of pigeon keeping - active fanciers will find it interesting too, after-all it's about pigeons! 
We hope our members appreciate the work that CPFA Director Jerry Wenarchuk has put into this project - if support for this type of media is strong enough there are many different aspects of the hobby that could be exposed in more detail.  Benefits for the hobby will come from sharing the video with non-fanciers to educate, inform, and create interest in our feathered friends.  A DVD  version of the video is now available for anyone interested in purchasing a copy.  Please direct questions, comments, thanks and requests for more information about the video by email to Jerry Wenarchuk
Canadian orders may be placed by sending (min) $5.00 per copy to the Band Secretary with your request - no form necessary but orders may be indicated and included with band or membership form submissions.  International orders will require additional postage.

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