Tracing Lost & Found Pigeons

Frequently Asked Questions; and our suggestions:

1. A pigeon with a band on its leg (s) has arrived at my home, what do I do?

Answer: If you can catch the bird, take all of the numbers and letters and perhaps insignias like Ө, down on a piece of paper, taking special care to obtain both the correct “year” and the “letters” just before the NUMBERS.

Then, if the main letters are CPFA, you should contact our association using our contact form  (click here).

If the main letters are CU, Please contact the Canadian Racing Pigeon Union -

There are many speciality Clubs for various Breeds and the band could bear the initials of any one of them. Some are not affiliated with CPFA but you may contact Bob Rogers  for assistance in locating a representative for any of those Clubs.

2. What do I feed this bird while waiting to have it retrieved?

Answer: Perhaps the most available would be a Wild Bird seed mix at your local grocery or feed store. Pigeons will eat bread, corn, millet, black oil sunflower seed, whole wheat, white Canada soup peas whole with the slight outer individual shell or split (orange or green).
Refined rice is NOT good for them.
Avoid bread that is mouldy or that has butter on it.
Clean water in a tuna can or some such container must be available.
The bird can be temporarily kept in a cardboard box with light and air holes cut into all sides while you are awaiting its owner.

3. Can I or other family members catch a disease from Pigeons?

Answer: No, there are no diseases in Canada at this time that can be transmitted from Pigeons to humans or other Pets. Place some sawdust or clean dry sand in the box for litter to absorb droppings and clean the box out by removing the bird and placing the soiled litter in the compost bin. Normal Bacteria like E-Coli and Salmonella are present in Bird droppings as well as in cat and dog droppings, so good hygiene and thorough hand washing are always important.

NOTE: Some owners are not willing to retrieve birds so it may be necessary to locate a fancier in your area who is willing to help by providing a permanent home. We will try to locate someone for you.

4. How do I join the National Pigeon Association of Canada?

Answer: Just as you would locate the owner of a stray CPFA bird ~ Contact the Secretary Treasurer of the CPFA, Bob Rogers, using our contact form and he will send a membership application form to you or you can use our online form and just print it out. We also have an online store where you can purchase a membership using paypal. The fee is only $15.00 per year for adults, $20.00 for a family, and $5.00 for Juniors. You will receive four GREAT Newsletters per year in which there is a tremendous amount of useful information. Other items as well as bands can be ordered from Bob Rogers as well, like our attractive new Crests as featured on the home page.

5. How do I locate an all Breeds Pigeon Club in my area?

Answer: Check our Club Links - Affiliated Clubs page.